The Association of Floor Covering Contractors Scotland

A Brief History – AFCC (Scotland)

The Association of Floor Covering Contractors Scotland, AFCC (Scotland) was founded in 1961 as a collaboration between a number of the leading contractors of the time, including firms such as Veitchi, Dunlop Semtex and Rowan and Bowden. Their joint objective was to provide a forum for contractors to discuss industry issues, represent contractors within the wider construction industry, promote best practice and influence training and apprenticeships.

In the tradition of a good trade association, the AFCC (Scotland) enjoyed the support of many manufacturers and was guided by a Council of member representatives who met quarterly to set objectives and policy. Through successive volunteers on the Council and notable industry leaders, many of these objectives were achieved, particularly in the field of training, where guidance and consultation was always sought from AFCC (Scotland) by the colleges and awarding bodies to ensure that the apprentices in Scotland represented some of the best and most highly qualified in the country. The AFCC (Scotland) also actively promoted networking, with their annual golf competition always being well attended.

Given their beginnings in 1961, 2011 was a significant year for AFCC (Scotland) marking their 50th anniversary. For some time their council had recognised that they needed to modernise and in reality broaden their offering to meet the demands of the contemporary flooring industry. A difficult task and one that their final President, Ernie Lamond and Vice President John Black accepted was probably beyond a primarily volunteer group. It was out of these Council deliberations that discussions re collaboration with the national representative body, the Contract Flooring Association (CFA) first began. Negotiations between the two bodies developed to the point where the council of the AFCC (Scotland) felt that the best approach was to dissolve their association and recommend to members that they joined the CFA.

Following consultation with their membership and a vote at their AGM on the 26 May 2011, the AFCC formerly agreed to disband. There was no doubt that many were sorry to see the original association dissolve, but the commitment from the CFA to ensure that the spirit and history of the AFCC was preserved, was generally accepted as the start of a new era for the industry both nationally and in Scotland.