Membership Information

As a full member of the CFA you are of course entitled to use the association logo. However full membership offers you more than just that.

Advice on legislation and up-to-date information on various aspects relating to the flooring industry are available to you without any cost. In fact by using these services you could more than recover the cost of membership.

Get a helping hand from the CFA

With CFA membership, you can soon start getting yourself noticed and winning more business.

As part of the CFA you will have the opportunity of influencing standards via the British Standard committees working on European Standardisation.

Similarly working via the CFA, Build UK and the Construction Products Association you can play a part in the influencing of government thinking.

Finally, remember you will be part of a leading organisation in the building industry. That is why membership is not automatic, we do not seek any company as a member, but those who can be part of an organisation that is the leading force in the flooring industry.

Please note that one of our requirements of full membership is that companies should have been trading for a minimum of three years at the time of application. (This can be waived by CFA Council under special circumstances and in these cases Associate membership may be awarded to the applicant).

Apply today - Be part of that force

We have a full set of Application Forms online, with each membership category having its own form. For any additional information or to request a printed form, please Contact Us.