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The CFA directory is a comprehensive listing containing full details of all our members. You can search for a flooring contractor in your local area, and have the option of choosing their line of work and a specific service offered. Each of our Manufacturer, Distributor and Consultant categories are displayed as a whole.

Contractor Search by County or Postcode

Most CFA Contractor members are willing to carry out installation work UK wide. If using a location for your search, choose either a County or a Postcode. You can use a full postcode or just the prefix, eg. NG10


View a complete listing of our Manufacturer members.

Search for Manufacturers of specific flooring products.


Many CFA Distributors operate nation-wide. View all, or select a region if you need to narrow your search.

Member - Other

Other Members are companies who don't match the criteria for one of our other categories, but have an interest in the commercial flooring industry and the work of the CFA.

Flooring Consultants

Select a specific flooring type if you wish to narrow your search

Consultants - Specialist

View the details of our Specialist Consultant members.

FITA QA Accreditation

FITA QA accredited flooring fitters

You can view CFA Contractors who use FITA-trained QA accredited fitters.
To find out more on the FITA QA scheme, visit the FITA website.

A full but brief Nation-wide Contractor Search by Flooring Type
Full Member Listings

Listed in A to Z order, you can find a full but brief listing of our Members here.