Why choose a CFA member to install your flooring?

Flooring is a major element in most contracts and with more products to choose from than ever before, obtaining the right installer has never been so important.

Specifiers and main contractors require quality of service, installation and support which CFA members can provide. Consequently many public and private organisations and an increasing number of local authorities are now specifying that CFA members must be used.

The CFA provides members and their clients with a wealth of advice to assist with installation including:

  • British Standards Codes of Practice
  • Employment Law
  • Health and Safety
  • Insurance
  • Technical Support
  • Training
  • CFA Guide to Contract Flooring

Members of the Association include contractors, manufacturers, distributors and consultants - both large and small, operating from locations through out the UK.

The CFA's membership now accounts for a significant proportion of the UK's commercial flooring market. The Association is the leading independent professional voice of the Contract Flooring Industry.

All members have passed the CFA membership vetting process and are all established quality companies offering high standards of installation. Through the CFA they all have access to up-to-date technical, environmental and quality Standards and all adhere to the Contractors Code of Conduct. Dowload our leaflet - 'Why choose a CFA Member'.

With such a high level of commitment from so many companies and individuals, the CFA has a wealth of resources at its fingertips. It is this breadth and depth of information that makes it so much more than just a trade association.